How can i recharge my Prepaid mobile ?
A: Fillup the form and Pay by Paypal or credit/debit card. After payment confirmation your number will recharge in 30 minutes.

How quickly does the top-up get to the phone?
It will be there in 30minutes, as long as the payment is approved.

What do I do if my top-up not been applied?
If you do not get your top-up minutes but you got our confirmation email, there may have been a delay on the operator's side. If within 30 minutes it has not been applied, contact our customer service so we can investigate and troubleshoot the problem.

I sent the top-up to the wrong number, what should I do?
All transactions are final. Once the top-up is sent, it is available immediately for use and cannot be refunded or removed from the phone. We are very sorry that we cannot do anything about this. It is important that you always double check the number you enter before purchasing.